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Arron and Felicia


Simon, WOW just WOW.

Arron and I just went through these wonderful photos and videos just now and I'm literally in tears.

Simon, we are almost lost for words with how incredible you were last night...the care and attention you gave us and the vibe you created was second to none.

I had people coming up to me asking if our MC was a personal friend of ours because they felt so much love and genuineness in your words....that speaks volumes. We honestly feel like we've known you for years and look at you now as an amazing friend!

Thank you millions and more for ensuring our night was as perfect as it was, I soooo want to do it again right now!! You are a legend and we love you!!! You gave us the best night, but thank you! XO

Arron & Felicia

5 May 2018 @ Aerial South Wharf


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