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Doing the Eagle Rock with Ross Wilson!

In late 2015 for Foxtel’s The Tribute Show I had the privilege of chatting with a godfather of Australian rock music Ross Wilson.

Ross Wilson, the front man for Daddy Cool, created an extraordinary hit which became the unofficial anthem of 1970s Australian OZ Rock. Eagle Rock was a herald to a coming of age for Australian rock music.

Daddy Cool’s first album, Daddy Who? Daddy Cool reached No1 and became the first Australian album to sell more than 100,000 copies.

Ross Wilson in the mid 70s went on to produce three massive Skyhooks’ albums, including the seminal Living in the 70s, as well as, quintessential blues-funk outfit Joe Camilleri’s, Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons who later became the Black Sorrows. Wilson not only is a musical force he has the Midas touch when it came to producing.

Post Daddy Cool, Wilson fronted Mondo Rock, a slick rock-funk outfit which stood astride the late 70s and the 80s, they produced hit after hit; Fugitive Kind, State of the Heart,Summer of 81, Cool World, Come said the Boy and on and on.

Five decades on, has been indicted twice into the ARIA Hall of Fame once in 1989 and again as a member of Daddy Cool in 2006.

Ross, thank you for sharing your story and the permanent legacies you have left in the Australian music industry! Enjoy this excerpt of the Tribute Show and for further information about Ross Wilson’s glittering career and touring dates, please visit:

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